Parts Shortage Request Tool

Welcome to the IECQ Avionics Users Forum (IECQ AUF) - Parts Shortage Request (IECQ AUF - PSR) tool.

This tool could also be used to source Obsolete Parts.

The Parts Shortage Request forum functions differently from the other AUF Forum / AUF Technical Forums.  The Parts Shortage Request forum has the special capability for participating members to post Topics of Parts Shortage Request needs directly to the forum and include their contact details.  It is recommended that when submitting a Parts Shortage Request, as much information as possible is provided, for example, but not limited to; OCM part numbers, quantity required, traceability requirements etc... Members with stock they are willing to sell can then reply to these Requests, providing relevant information and their contact details.

Steps for using this forum:
  1. If you are not an IECQ AUF member, please join via the Forum Registration form.  Step 2 below will be included in the Forum Registration process.
  2. Existing IECQ AUF members need to join the IECQ AUF - PSR tool if they are not a member via the Join PSR Forum form.
  3. Monitor the Forum @ AUF - Parts Shortage Forum once you are a member.
  4. As an IECQ AUF - PSR member, submit your Parts Shortage Requests via the Submit Parts Shortage Request form.
  5. As an IECQ AUF - PSR member, submit your [Reply] to forum Topics to assist other members. 
  6. Once a Request has been fulfilled, please close down the Request in the forum by posting a [Reply] stating 'RESOLVED' and take further discussions offline.


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