Parts Shortage Request Tool

Welcome to the IECQ Avionics Users Forum (IECQ AUF) - Parts Shortage Request (IECQ AUF - PSR) tool.

This tool could also be used to source Obsolete Parts.

The Parts Shortage Request forum is unique among the AUF Forums. Members can post their parts shortage needs directly to the forum along with contact details. Other members can then respond with relevant information and their own contact details.  It is recommended that when submitting a Parts Shortage Request, as much information as possible is provided, for example, but not limited to; OCM part numbers, quantity required, traceability requirements etc... Members who have stock to offer can respond to these Requests by providing relevant information and their contact details, or they can directly contact the Request poster.

To join and use this forum, please follow these steps:

  1. If you are not already an IECQ AUF member, you need to register. Clicking Here
  2. If you are an existing IECQ AUF member and not a member of the IECQ AUF - PSR tool, you must join the forum. Join PSR Forum
  3. Once you are a member, monitor the Forum. View Parts Shortage Forum
  4. As an IECQ AUF - PSR member, submit your Parts Shortage Requests. Submit Parts Shortage Request

 View the tutorial on How to Join the IECQ AUF - Parts Shortage Request Tool