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Avionics User Forum

AUF General Discussion: IECQ Avionics Users Forum (IECQ AUF) General Discussion forum for all members.


Avionics Technical Forums

  • TF 1: Audit programmes
  • TF 2: Harmonization standards
  • TF 4: Electronic Component Management Plan (ECMP) and Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) assemblies, including uprating
  • TF 5: Lead-free/REACH (TF05)
  • TF 6: Anti-counterfeit/obsolescence management
  • TF 8: Microcircuits, diodes, transistors, and passives
  • TF 9: LED lighting
  • TF 11: Atmospheric SEE radiation
  • TF 12: Mechanical parts
  • TF 13: Component Reliability including Semiconductor Wear-out

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