Membership Guidelines


Membership in the Avionics Users Forum (AUF) and its Technical Forums (TF) follows certain guidelines:

AUF Membership:

  • Membership is free and adheres to the IEC code of ethics.
  • Prospective members must complete the online Registration form, accept the Terms, and submit using the [Register] button. Registration requests are then reviewed and approved by the AUF Convenors and IECQ HUB Administration.
  • AUF membership includes:
    • Convenor, appointed by IECQ MC.
    • STACK technical directors and convenors.
    • Convenors of relevant IEC Technical Committees (TC) and Subcommittees (SC).
    • Active members of relevant IECQ System working groups.
    • Members of SAE APMC.

Technical Forums (TF) Initial Membership:

  • Initial membership in TF includes:
    • Members of STACK from 2012 to 2017 and their subcontractors/supply chain.
    • Active IEC Technical Experts within relevant IEC TCs.
    • Members of SAE APMC.
    • Active members of relevant IECQ System working groups.
  • Subsequent membership criteria include:
    • Individuals with relevant technical experience within the Avionics industry.
    • Individuals referred by existing members.
    • Recently retired members of Avionics companies that were part of STACK.